The Relaxation Response
Video Presentation by Herbert Benson, M.D.
to the Morristown Hospital Staff

Herbert Benson, M.D.

Graduate ('61) and Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard

Harvard Medical School

Morristown Hospital Auditorium

Studies found that expectations of a positve outcome

helped patients get better sooner

"60-90% of office visits to a physician are in the mind-body, stress-related realm"

In 1972 Dr. Benson studied stress related diseases
at Harvard Medical School

He studied the physiological changes during meditation

He and Dr. Robert Wallace published first study on meditation

Oxygen consumption decreased during meditation

Carbon Dioxide output decreased during meditation

Rate of breathing decreased during meditation

Cellular ventilation decreased during meditation

PO2 output decreased
Blood lactate levels decreased during and after meditation

Oxygen consumption was deeper than during sleep

Symptoms of the body under stress

Dr. Cannon identified the Flight & Fight Response

In the same lab room the Relaxation Response was identified.

Effects of Stress

Dr. Benson speaks to health care professionals

The Relaxation Response can be easily learned by anyone

How did the Separation of Mind and Body
in medicine come about?
Here is a historical context.

The History of the Placebo Effect
which early medicine relied upon

Basic Concepts of the Placebo Effect
Belief and expectancy on the part of the patient

Common principles of meditation have been found in history worldwide.


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